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It’s this tutorial, let’s explain how the artificial intelligence robot we have created works. Thank you for being part of this project!

You have to help him think, he’s a newborn! You don’t have to know the memory harmonized, but how to search for a keyword, to guide the searches.

An example of a simple harmonized classification

In this first video, we classify sunglasses!

It was so easy! Only with the Photo

Let’s raise the bet!

Sorting more complex merchandise

Let’s use a more complicated example: a wallet…

Oops! …the problem is that it’s square!!!!

And the robot finds in its file, many things that can be small and square.

Then we could help to found with a manual search.

Another difficult example

Dump Truck… let’s see!?!

Well, the word doesn’t recognize it.

Let’s use synonyms:

  • truck
  • dump
  • dump truck

And he’ll surely find what you’re looking for!

Image Help

Let’s do a simple test for you to see how to help Classify! detect in the image the product you are looking for. Let’s take the example of a photographic equipment.

Let’s think that the robot compares shapes, it can recognize them or not! You need to realize what merchandise you are sorting, the photo has to be clear and flat.

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We hope we’ve given you some help in understanding Classify! How every innovation involves a small process of adaptation and we trust quebte has been useful this Tutorial

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