Tariff Code

When we speak about tariff codes, we must bear in mind that for several years everything has been unified in the harmonised system. In this sense, most of the countries of the world have been adapting their systems of tariff work to international regulations.

How to find the tariff of a product?

The first thing is to be able to find the correct code for a certain product or merchandise. The process is then simplified because each country has a specific tariff on that code. The most complex part of the process is finding the right HS code.

custom tariff

For many customs brokers or forwarders this is the most complicated point. It involves knowing and dealing well with the sections and chapters of the harmonized system. This process takes time and often becomes cumbersome for those who are not used to it.

Our solution to the tarrif process

From our application what we achieve is to simplify and automate this process of searching for the hts code. With access to more than 16.900 items the tariff search process is simplified to take a photo or take it from our image gallery and after the arificial intelligence program does its job, start delimiting the categories and find the code of our product.

search tariff code

With a clear saving of time and simplification of work, now find the correct application code of the Customs Tariff regulation. You can access our app for both Apple and Android here: Click to Download App

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